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Since Champlain explored and fell in love with the Ottawa Valley in 1613, a very special breed of Canadian has joined the ancient Algonquin in settling the shores of one of the longest and most beautiful rivers on earth – The Ottawa. The stories of these Scots, Irish, French, Polish and Germans - lumbermen, hunters, farmers, river men, and their brave mates have produced the Canadian Dream, precious and unchanged..

However one strip of land along the River , between Da Swisha Dam and Mattawa, where some descendants of the first settlers live still, remains wrapped in the original magic of their Valley. What keeps them there? What lures other descendants of the first settlers to visit, to roam the forests and glide their boats upon the Ancient River and myriad lakes and streams? Why do they love their part of Valley so?

Is it the many small logging and family cottage roads leading off into the wilderness? Is it the long, brave hills? Is it the Laurentians, one of the most ancient mountains on earth? Is it the deer whose doe eyes peek from the forest? Is it the lakes and rivers teeming with the myriad fish of Canada’s north? Is it the people? Friendly quick to offer help and information? To say, “Come stay at my house”. To never forget that your family and theirs pioneered along the River, tore farms from the wilderness, made the edge of the forest live and thrive with labour and love and family?

Let them tell you their story.

The Ottawa Valley Saga